Ancient Tantra - Practice of Yoni Tantra Massage
The Ecstatic Yoni Massage

It is based upon some of our acupressure points and that is one of the reasons why I suspect it feels so excellent.

Some with the benefits a woman will receive are:

  • Being able to identify what does and fails to turn her on

  • The Dasa Mahavidyas (and also the Ten Divine Reports) are listed in the third patala of Yoni Tantra as Kali, Tara, Shodasi, Bhuvaneshvari, Bhairavi, Chinnamasta, Dhumavati, Bagala, Matangi and Kamala, and associated with the various areas of the yoni. This can, of course, be very confusing for those who have just embarked on their study of ancient tantra and also its particular profoundly mystical truths. To encapsulate the principles in these scriptures - the vagina is a triangular form of Mahamaya or even Prakrit, or the origin of the world. The three corners of the yoni are Brahma, Vishnu together with Maheshvara. The vagina is usually divided into ten, each of which is considered a manifestation with the divine feminine (Tantra Goddess).

    The shlokas (verses) are extremely explicit, and a new university student of tantra is likely to misunderstand their real which means. Tradition therefore requires that will yoni tantra be studied only within the auspices of an authentic tantra master. Closely guarded, these tantra secrets are passed on from tantra teacher to tantra teacher and cannot be fully grasped from just literature. Attempting to practice it without expert guidance can be a corruption of energy and can lead to degradation of the Sacred Feminine - and this also always has adverse outcomes.
    Ancient tantra teaches us that yoni massage is a good way of building trust between partners - an exceptionally vital factor in almost any relationship. The yoni tantra massage is also used to assist women who ought to break through sexual blocks or trauma by preparing a powerful bond of protection. Women who have had less-than-pleasant sexual experiences, and whose yoni was ‘used’ but not loved, can release these old hurts completely with the process of this ancient tantra technique, awakening to your new, love-centred sexuality. It can also remove emotional memories that manifest in your body as illnesses, tumors, chronic fatigue, depression and menstrual disorders.

    The woman, catered to as some sort of tantra goddess, should fully receive the gift without the expectation that she give back in any way. At all times challenging tantra technique, the woman must be in the moment using sensual touch, without any goals to obtain. The central point about this spiritual, yet erotic therapeutic massage is neither the approach or sequence, but that it is a path producing supreme conscious awareness with the yoni.

    The practitioner must not proceed without expert assistance from an accomplished tantra educator, for the yoni is in an exceedingly vulnerable state after some sort of yoni massage. The practitioner must don’t forget that the practice associated with tantra yoni massage requires total concentration and a considerable stretch of dedicated time (2-3 hours at the minimum). It must necessarily be administered as part of a tantra ritual, due to the fact intends to transform the divine space in to a temple of love. Both partners must purify themselves with a bath or an substantial shower beforehand.

    Your tantra get good at will caution you that this tantra technique can yield completely different effects each time. yoni massage, body to body massage